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At the heart of Vichy,

A true gourmet restaurant!

A well-known restaurant with elegant decor and attentive service, all just a few minutes on foot from the station - welcome to the Restaurant L’Escargot qui Tette on Rue de Paris in Vichy, a location full of colour and flavours. The chef Jean-Louis Honoré will provide you with hearty and authentic cuisine with touches of innovation, seasonal dishes, traditional recipes made from fresh regional produce (particularly “escargots”), and a wide array of house specialities (including foie gras, cheeses and poultry of the Auvergne and Charolais beef). The restaurant invites you to share great moments of culinary pleasure in a delightfully intimate setting at the heart of Vichy.

Open Tuesday lunchtime to Sunday lunchtime.


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The unique history of a restaurant

that became a true Vichy institution!

It all began in the 1930s. Having just left catering school, Louis Grandchamp began work at the George V in Paris. He had only had one goal - to open his own restaurant. Inspired by a caterer who promoted his snails (escargots) as being bottle-fed, he decided to call his restaurant in Vichy “L’Escargot qui Tette” (The Suckling Snail).

Now an institution, this restaurant in the town centre is still owned by his family. From generation to generation and from chef to chef, it’s always been beloved by lovers of fine dining.

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